Fan Safety

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As the summer season comes upon us, let’s take a look at fans and fan safety. Fans helps move the air around us and help keep us cooler. However, there are some important safety items we need to look at as the summer approaches.

Today as you are around your machine, take a look at each of the fans located by your machine.

Is the guard in place?
Fans that are less than 7 feet off the ground must have a guard on them to prevent injury. The opening needs to be ½” or less. Take a look at your fans. Ensure the guards are in place and secure. Several years ago we had an injury where an employee jumped up to adjust a fan and the guard came loose and they hit the blades.

Is the fan clean?
Fan blades that are clean and free of dust and dirt build-up actually move more air than a dirty blade and will keep you cooler. Take a moment and blow out your fans today and get as much of the dust and dirt off the blades and guarding.

Is the plug in good condition?
Check the plug and cord and make sure all the electrical prongs are in place and the cord isn’t frayed. Make sure the motor cover is in place securely.

If you find a problem with a fan in your area, write a work order or see your supervisor. Let’s get these taken care of early in the season rather than waiting until it gets extremely hot.

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