Safety Toolbox Talks was developed as a venue for sharing ideas, topics and concerns for safety professionals in order to make workplaces a safer environment and employees more educated on hazards associated with various tasks.

All topics, posts and files are user submitted and are presented "as is" and have not been checked for accuracy or authenticity by Scout Web Solutions. If submitting content you are expected to ensure the accuracy of the information provided. You are also expected to have full rights to placing such material on this public website without conflicts in copyright or other applicable laws. We ask users who come across questionable content to contact us and we will review the material in question.

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Printing Toolbox Topics


Each toolbox talk has an icon towards the top right of the article as pictured here on the right. Click on that icon and then choose Print from the dropdown selection. The article itself, minus comments, ratings, social sharing, ads and the like, will be displayed in a new pop-up window for printing on your printer. (ensure you allow pop-ups on this site). We have also added a sign-off line to the printed version.

On the pop-up version, click the Print icon link and this will open up your browser's printing function. Utilize your browser's print function to print this page to your printer.

For best results, set your margins to .75" on each side in your browser's page setup. 

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Membership Questions

Registering with this site will give you access to easily comment and submit your own content to share with others on this site . . . that's it. We would encourage you to register but it isn't necessary and there are no special benefits such as emailed weekly topics and the such for doing such.

We will not share your private information with anyone else per our privacy policy and terms of use.

Membership requests require an active email address and a confirmation link will be emailed to it prior to membership activation. Membership requests may be reviewed prior to activation and denied if submission information appears suspicious.

If you do not receive confirmation of membership along with the ability to login to this site within a couple of days, please contact us.

Limitations of Use

We have created this site to share important safety topics with safety professionals with the hope of making every workplace a little safer.

  • You can utilize any of our topics to share with employees at your facility either verbally or in written form. We ask that you leave our header on printed copies or at least give this site credit if distributing them via a different documented form.
  • You can place these contents in company newsletters and private intranets however we ask that you give source credit back to this website including a hyperlink to this site if sharing electronically.

If you want to utilize these topics in any other manner, please contact us with details.

Site Redesign

We have recently redesigned this site with the hopes of making it easier to use and make submissions of your own content to share. We have also added several requested features such as integrated comments on articles with the Forum, streamline logging in with a variety of social media accounts, better mobile experience and many other features. We hope you find these useful.

As part of these changes we were forced to change much of the coding for this site. This has made the migration of some of the previously user submitted content impossible such as previous article comments, previous forum posts and previous article ratings.

Please let us know if you have any technical issues with this site. Specifying the issue along with your specific browser and version would be helpful for our team to address these issues quickly. 

We hope you enjoy the new look and feel!