Blind Spots

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When pedestrians for forklifts meet unexpectedly, it can have deadly consequences. Blind spots are one of the major causes for this unexpected meeting to take place. They include corners, doorways that open out to an aisle and other areas with limited visibility for both pedestrian and forklift operator.

It is important that forklift operator's utilize their horn and take it slow when driving in these areas. It is also important that pedestrians are aware of the traffic in these areas and look before they leap. Each year there are fatalities caused by pedestrian forklift collisions. I'm confident that many of you over your career have gone out into an aisle without looking only to find a forklift in slamming on their brakes.

It is important to take a moment when in these blind spots. Be aware of the traffic and don't go out into the aisle without first stopping and looking both ways to ensure the path is clear.

In most cases pedestrians are in a hurry or focused on something other than their travel and simply dart out in front of the forklifts. Take the time . . . it can impact your life.

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