Electrical Safety for Construction Sites

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It doesn't take a lot of electricity to kill you. The amount of current needed to light an ordinary 60-watt light bulb is five times what can kill a person. Thus, all electrical equipment on construction sites is potentially deadly.

Electrical extension cords are numerous on construction sites and become damaged because of the rough conditions in which they are used.
Inspect to ensure:

Also, check these items:

Guard all of exposed electric of more than 50 volts so no one can come in contact (receptacles, light-bulb sockets, bare wires, load center, switches). Guard by:

  1. Using approved enclosures;
  2. Locating them in a room, vault or similar enclosure accessible only to qualified persons;
  3. Arranging suitable permanent, substantial partitions or screens so only qualified persons have access to the space within reach of live parts;
  4. Locating them on a suitable balcony or platform that is elevated and arranged to exclude unqualified persons;
  5. Elevating them 8 feet or more above the working surface.

It's important to take the time prior to beginning work at construction sites each day. The fluid nature of the activities, along with the changing environment and high potential for damage can let these items become a hazard quickly.

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